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Bạn đọc quan tâm sách thiết kế, sản xuất vật phẩm quảng cáo
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Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris
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AVA Publishing SA
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Ngôn ngữ
Tiếng Anh
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Format is often overlooked beacause of its almost exclusively utilitarian nature. This, and the existence of many generic formats, means that format is something that many designers do not realise they are thinking about. The format provides a physical point of contact with the user that affects how we receive the printed and on-line communication.


How to get the most out of this book

The Book

Book formats serve a range of functions, from being comfortable to hold by hand, to being on a lectern; and books have different anticipated lifepans, from paperback to hardback.

The Magazine

Some of the most impressive design in the 20th century centred around magazine design, a field that continues to innovate. While the majority are of standard format, there are exceptions.

The Poster

Posters come in various shapes and sizes. Some are rarely viewed close up and represent some of the largest scale print work. The examples presented here are on a smaller scale and generally folded such as poster-wrapped books.

The Object

Objects can be mailers, invitations, tickets, menus and other printed matter, many of which have to quickly grab attention and therefore often result in some of the most unusual and distinctive formats from the simple to the elaborate.

The Screen

Onscreen formats do not need to be restricted by screen dimensions. The designer can use a variety of techniques to creatively use space such as pop-up boxes, animations and innovative navigation.

The Brochure

Although often in similar formats as small books or magazines, the intention is quite different: brochures inform and try to solicit positive responses to their contents.