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Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs

Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs

550.000 đ

Đối tượng đọc
Tác giả
C.A.S. Williams, Terence Barrow
Nhà xuất bản
Tuttle Publishing
Ngày xuất bản
Ngôn ngữ
Tiếng Anh
Số trang
For those who are visiting China, Chinese Symbolism and Art Motifs is an indispensable guide to the Middle Kingdom's artistic and architectural wonders. For the general reader, it is a valuable compendium of fascinating sinological lore.
The Eight Immortals, the five elements, the dragon and the phoenix, yin and yang - representations of these important cultural symbols are pervasive in Chinese literature, art and architecture. Without an understanding of their significance, much Chinese history, folklore and culture can't be fully appreciated. In this comprehensive handbook, C.A.S. Williams offers concise explanations and over 400 illustrations of these essential symbols and motifs. Arranged alphabetically for easy access, the book not only explains essential cultural symbols, accompanied by their Chinese characters, but also contains many articles on Chinese beliefs, customs, arts and crafts, food, agriculture, and medicine. This book has become a standard reference volume for students of China and Chinese culture.